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Footballers who love winding rivals up, including Celtic’s Scott Brown and Rangers and Manchester United fan Gary Neville and Liverpool

Brown revelled in his team's 1-0 defeat of their Glasgow rivals, which saw Steven Gerrard lose his first game as manager

Scott Brown said Celtic’s 1-0 win against Rangers showed their Glasgow rivals who is in charge.

The captain seemed to enjoy celebrating the win that ended Steven Gerrard‘s unbeaten start to life at Ibrox.

“From start to finish, we dictated. They came to Celtic Park, and we showed them who’s boss,” he said.

As the players, led by Brown, completed a lap of honour they were still dancing in front of the away fans who were forced to remain behind. It did not go down well.

Not that he’ll care and here, talkSPORT.com looks at other examples of players who simply love winding rivals up or just reserve special hatred for them.

Leigh Griffiths and Scott Brown and Rangers

Leigh Griffiths and Scott Brown and Rangers – It wasn’t the first time Brown has had a run-ins with Rangers. When Celtic thumped them 5-1 in September 2016 he described it as 'men against boys', while team-mate Leigh Griffiths is often the subject of abuse from the home end at Ibrox. When he scored against Rangers in a 2-0 win in September 2017, he swung a Celtic scarf around his head and celebrated with Brown in front of angry supporters. He also cleaned his hand on a Rangers corner flag after wiping his nose.

Jack Wilshere and Tottenham

Jack Wilshere and Tottenham – Wilshere doesn’t like Tottenham very much and in 2015, when he and his Arsenal team-mates were celebrating retaining the FA Cup in front of fans, he picked up a microphone and started a chant mocking local rivals Tottenham. Asking the crowd to join, he said: “I have one question, and one question only: what do we think of Tottenham?”, before adding: “And what do we think of s***?”, then joining in as the crowd sang back: “We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham… we are the Tottenham haters.” He was fined £40,000 for his actions, while his move to West Ham – another Spurs rival – could be interpreted as a way to annoy their fans even more.

Gary Neville and Liverpool

Gary Neville and Liverpool – Neville emphasised his dislike of Liverpool football club in a Man United fanzine in 2006. "I can't stand Liverpool, I can't stand the people, I can't stand anything to do with them," he said. In January 2006 Neville was also fined £10,000 for maniacally celebrating Rio Ferdinand's late winner in front of the travelling Liverpool fans at Old Trafford. The defender said it was worth it, as he explained to Jamie Carragher last year. “To be fair, Liverpool had been singing songs about me all game so I thought 'they need to have a bit back don't they?'”

Jamie Carragher and Everton

Jamie Carragher and Everton – Where Neville doesn't like Liverpool, former Reds defender Carragher doesn't like United. However, he once revealed he gets more pleasure from beating Everton, the team he was fanatical about as a boy. “As an Evertonian, I was thrilled whenever Liverpool lost, mainly because it improved our chances of winning the title,” he wrote in his autobiography. “I used to love [Everton], but there are things about the club I can’t stand now. There are two Evertons in my life: the Everton before Liverpool, and the Everton after. The club I loved in the 1980s and the team I see now are poles apart in my mind. I refer to the Everton of the ‘80s as ‘us’ and the modern Everton as ‘them’.”

Gerard Pique and Real Madrid

Gerard Pique and Real Madrid – Pique has previously admitted he "always wants things to go badly" for Real. He revealed he wore a Gianluigi Buffon shirt during the 2015 Champions League semi-final, where Juventus beat Real, while he once claimed being whistled at by fans at the Bernabeu was “like listening to a symphony.”

Wayne Rooney and Liverpool

Wayne Rooney and Liverpool – Rooney and his family are all Everton fans, which explains why he doesn't like Liverpool that much. Playing for Man United in 2009, he said his dislike hadn’t changed over the years. "I grew up an Everton fan, my whole family are Everton fans and I grew up hating Liverpool – and that hasn't changed.”

Teddy Sheringham and Arsenal

Teddy Sheringham and Arsenal – In 2002 Sheringham, who played for Tottenham in two spells, was quoted saying he "hated" Arsenal and was desperate for the Gunners’ title rivals Man United to beat them. He later denied using such a strong word, but reiterated his desire for them to lose.

Steven Taylor and Sunderland

Steven Taylor and Sunderland – In 2012, Taylor revealed he would "rather go and collect stamps" than play for Sunderland. He even tried to wear football boots with the words 'stamp collector' embroidered on his boots during a 2013 Tyne-Wear derby, but was reportedly prevented from doing so. Speaking about the hatred Sunderland fans have for him he said: “It’s great. I thrive on it. The hatred is what I love about playing against them, especially having 46,000 Mackems hate you as much as they do. It’s great, and I hate them.”

Carlos Tevez and River Plate

Carlos Tevez and River Plate – Tevez began his career at his beloved Boca and was quick to show his contempt for Buenos Aires rivals River Plate. In 2004 he celebrated a goal against them by imitating a chicken, in reference to Boca fans’ nickname – ‘gallinas’ – for them. Tevez was sent off for his actions.

Ian Wright and Tottenham

Ian Wright and Tottenham – Wright always seemed to have a good game against Tottenham. He even revealed he used to teach new foreign signings to say "Spurs are s***" as a starter sentence in English.